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What is TechnoKids Computer Curriculum?

TechnoKids Computer Curriculum is a collection of technology projects. Projects include engaging computer activities for children of all ages. Teachers use our detailed computer lesson plans and resources to integrate technology into education.

What is a project?

A project contains theme-based computer activities. Each project comes with a teacher guide, workbook and resources. Resource files include templates, samples, assessment tools, enrichment activities, Internet bookmarks, parent letters, and more! The computer activities are a set of electronic books that use the computer to complete a theme-related task such as create a magazine, presentation, or web-based tool.

What is project based learning?

Project based learning is a unique approach to teaching technology skills. In many classrooms students learn how to use the computer by completing lessons focused on a software application, such as Introduction to Word Level 1. This can lack interest for students and does not meet their individual needs. With TechnoKids' inquiry based approach to learning students complete fun projects that focus around problem solving tasks. Students learn information and communication technology skills gradually as they complete activities such as publishing a magazine, creating a multimedia storyboard, or developing a website.
Project based learning is personally meaningful to students. This is because everyone in the class is learning the same technology skill, however within the boundaries of the project each student can select a topic based on their interests.

How does TechnoKids computer curriculum integrate into other subject areas?

In more and more schools today, technology is recognized as an instructional tool, not as a subject of instruction. TechnoKids Computer Curriculum offers a wide-range of lesson plans that integrate the use of the computer into student learning. The technology projects address language arts, mathematics, social studies, geography, science, health, and visual arts. The teaching ideas offer suggestions for integrating each project into curriculum in a variety of ways. Teachers choose the topic, subject area, or theme that best suits their classroom needs from the suggestions offered in each teacher guide.

What technology skills does the curriculum address?

TechnoKids Computer Curriculum addresses all areas of technology: word processing, spreadsheet, desktop publishing, database, presentation, graphics, internet, photo editing, video production, multimedia, and computer animation.

Does TechnoKids Computer Curriculum align with teaching standards?

TechnoKids Computer Curriculum aligns with Common Core English Language Arts/Literacy -
and Mathematics -

TechnoKids Computer Curriculum also aligns with ISTE - International Society of Technology Education - standards:

What software is needed to teach TechnoKids Computer Curriculum?

The majority of TechnoKids projects require Microsoft Office programs: Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access, and Publisher.
Some projects require Google Apps for Education: Google Docs, Google Slides, Google Sheets, and Google Forms.
Two senior projects teach computer skills using Photoshop and Flash.
Individual projects teach HTML, blogging skills, internet use and digital citizenship, video editing using Movie Maker, and graphics skills using Paint.

Do teachers support TechnoKids Computer Curriculum?

Yes! Here are some testimonials:
"I am really impressed with TechnoKids projects! It's great computer curriculum. The assignments are easy to follow and the students learn essential skills." - D. Ekron, ON, Canada
"We love the TechnoKids curriculum! It's flexible, easy to use, and the kids really learn the skills. There is also an abundance of activities and materials...way more that I can use in the limited time I have with the students...which is a GREAT thing!" - J. Kramer, WI, USA
"TechnoKids was the best investment I could have ever made for my Computer Applications' Classes. These units provide instruction for all of the software programs that students need to be successful in junior high, high school, and beginning of college. The instructions are well-stated and the examples given are extremely helpful in carrying out the projects. The students can work ahead on their own or if out for an absence, they can easily follow directions on their own to proceed." - C. Andrews, MS, USA
"We began using TechnoKids Computer Curriculum in 1999. I have always been very impressed with the variety of projects and the team’s ability to make changes in keeping with software updates.
The computer lesson plans are fun, challenging, and educational. The materials are a great training tool for both kids and teachers. I highly recommend TechnoKids to all schools." - M. Cole, ON, Canada

What are some of the top selling projects?

TechnoBiz: Increase candy sales by organizing and graphing data in Excel. Analyze the findings and report a solution using MS Word.

TechnoAnimal: Research an animal and design PowerPoint slides about habitat, appearance, food, young, and threats.

TechnoHTML: Become a web designer. Use HTML5 and CSS lessons to construct a simple web page.

TechnoEntrepreneur: Become restaurateurs. Apply mathematical reasoning to operate a successful business using Word and Excel.

TechnoWonderland: Promote an amusement park. Design posters in Word, surveys in Excel, ads in PowerPoint, and more!

TechnoEzine: Publish an interactive magazine with Microsoft Word. Write articles about movies, music, and trends.

TechnoNovel: Create an animated book report using Microsoft PowerPoint. Fun novel study activities for students.

TechnoEnvironment: Research an important environmental issue. Design informative publications to raise awareness!

TechnoDebate: Use Google Apps for Education to collaborate with a partner to debate the pros and cons of a controversial issue. Can you persuade an audience? Make a presentation using Google Slides.

Kid Pix 3D Activity Book: Use Kid Pix 3D software to integrate technology with computer based activities. Create timelines, maps, brochures, poetry, and more!

Timeline of TechnoKids Inc.
1993 - TechnoKids opens learning center in Oakville, Ontario, Canada.
1997 - TechnoKids goes international: TechnoKids Greece offers TechnoKids Computer Curriculum.
1998 - TechnoKids arrives in Guatemala, Venezuela, Malaysia, and India. Also TechnoKids forms partnership with John Knox Christian School in Oakville, Ontario, Canada.
2001 - TechnoKids is brought to Africa.
2002 - TechnoKids comes to Saudi Arabia and United Arab Emirates.
2003 - TechnoKids goes to Japan and Jordan.
2004 - TechnoKids launches first e-commerce site.
2005 - First downloadable technology project is sold.
2006 - TechnoKids is used in Philippines.
2008 - TechnoKids moves head office to Burlington, Ontario.
2014 – TechnoKids launches all-new web site.
2015 - TechnoKids releases projects for Google Apps in Education, to add to Microsoft Office line of projects.

TechnoKids publishes technology projects. Activities integrate Microsoft Office and Google Apps for Education into lessons. Discover new teaching ideas.

TechnoKids Inc. publishes project-based computer curriculum for schools and learning centers. The lesson plans help teachers integrate the use of Microsoft Office and Google Apps for Education into curriculum.

Email your questions about TechnoKids Computer Curriculum to

TechnoKids Inc.
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At TechnoKids, our mission is to combine education and technology to provide children with the core computing skills that will best prepare them for the future.

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