Guided Meditation on the Beach

06:30 pm - 16 May 2018

@ Caroline Watters - Life Coaching & Energy Therapy

138 Pumpkin Pass (Binbrook, Ontario)
Hamilton ON  L0R1C0

Guided Meditation
At The Binbrook Conservation Area Beach

Discover the path to health, healing and happiness through the power of guided meditations.

“Attended my first meditation session with Caroline and it was absolutely amazing.
— Miriah G.

Whether you are new to meditation or have a daily practice, these guided meditations are designed to help you focus, quiet the mind and relieve the stress, pressure and fast pace of our everyday lives. With tools, tips, techniques and encouragement, these guided meditations on the beach, out in nature, aim to help you feel more grounded and allow you to discover the deeper connection, healing and wisdom that lies within. It is an extremely supportive group, where we share, learn and grow each time we come together (and the more, the merrier).

“I have benefited from Caroline’s meditations and from some talks she has given as well. She really genuinely wants people to be their best selves, and offers different tools to help bring you there. Caroline is full of wisdom and humour, she is lighthearted and fun. Definitely recommend her services to anyone who might be interested." — Jamette M.

The physical benefits of meditation are:

Lower blood pressure
Improved blood circulation
Lower heart rate
Less perspiration
Slower respiratory rate
Less anxiety
Lower blood cortisol levels
More feelings of well-being
Less stress
eeper relaxation
The mental benefits of meditation are:

Increases intelligence and mental ability
Improves memory
Harnesses the imagination and creativity for
Out-of-the-box problem solving
Enhances the ability to focus and concentrate
Leads to whole-brain thinking
Self-mastery that shatters personal limitations... and makes the word “impossible” obsolete
The spiritual benefits of meditation are:

Positive Energy
Inner Silence
Spiritual Awakening
Higher Consciousness
Awaken Intuition
Balance Chakras
Deepen Awareness
Be One With The Universe
Discover Life Purpose
Present Focus
Peace Of Mind

• 45-mins of guided meditation and 45-mins sharing circle (new topics each week)
• Meditations will include tips and techniques for meditation and mindfulness

*The Conservation Area does charge at the door per person, I think it is $7 for adults.

What to bring:
- dress comfortably, bring a sweater or blanket
- you may also wish to bring a bottle of water, pillow or yoga mat

Wednesday's 6:30pm - 8:00pm: May 16 & 30th , June 13 & 27th, July 11 & 25th, Aug 8 & 22nd

The Binbrook Conservation Area
5050 Harrison Rd, Binbrook, ON L0R 1C0
questions? email

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